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Reasons to Design a Robust Kanban System

Kanban is a Materials Management System
Okay, welcome to the Top 10 Benefits of Kanban. I'm Richard Rahn with Leonardo Group Americas, and here we go. We'll do this David Lettermen style. So we'll countdown from 10 to 1.

Benefit number 10 is compatible. What we mean by that is, we probably have a material management system already in place of some kind, maybe it's just an excel spreadsheet, maybe it's a full blown ERP, MRP system, but Kanban will fit into that without too much pain. We can implement Kanban without having to replace our existing systems.

Benefit number 9, easily maintained. This means when we want to make a change, when we have a new part number for example or a whole new product or we have an obsolete part number or an engineering change, the Kanban method is fairly easy to update. Typically, just recalculating or adding a part number and reprinting a card and putting it in place and you're done.

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