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Supply Chain Management

A Real-Life Supply Chain Example
Welcome to Supply Chain Management.

Now, I know most of you have spent your childhood evenings dreaming of taking your first supply chain management course. But for those handful of you who might not know what supply chain management is, let me provide you a brief explanation.

Let's take a simple product, like a bottle of water. Clean water, a plastic bottle, a plastic cap, and a label. Buying them at the store or vending machine might cost you about $1.50. How much of that do you think is profit? Nope, wrong, wrong again, not likely. Water, a plastic bottle, and a label, that couldn't cost more than $.50. And if you buy them in bulk, how could each bottle not give you at least $1.00 in profit? Seriously, if you think you can make $1.00 per bottle, you should drop out of college right now and get into the bottled water business.

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