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Create a Simple P.O. Form

Software for Purchase Order Templates
This is a short video tutorial that demonstrates the OrderGen Purchase Order Form configuration process.

The Purchase Order Form software is a stand-alone, Windows program, that allows users to create a professional-looking purchase order, without vendor, or product databases and, the complex configuration that typifies many database software systems.

Above is what the form looks like when the software is opened for the first time. Setting up the P O form, creates a template that will be used in all future purchase orders. This process takes only a few minutes, and it only has to be done one time.

Setting up the template involves the purchase order header: company name and company address, purchase order labels, including P O number, date, terms and shipping method. Setup of the purchase order footer labels are also done, such as: subtotal, discounts, taxes, shipping, and balance due. Also, fonts and styles are established during this setup process.

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